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Winter May Be Here, But The 2024 Legislative Session Is Coming!

Updated: Jan 10

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The Illinois General Assembly’s 2024 Legislative Session kicks off on January 16.  APA-IL approved legislative priorities, drafted by APA-IL’s Legislative Committee late last year, to focus and amplify APA-IL’s voice on matters that have the greatest impact on the planning profession and, by extension, you.  The Legislative Committee will use these priorities to evaluate legislation APA-IL may take a position on this year. 


We can’t do this work without you!

The Legislative Committee relies on APA-IL membership to stay engaged and identify legislation impacting the planning profession.  So, please consider this a call to action, or more appropriately, a call for involvement!


How would one get involved, you might ask?

There are many ways you can increase APA-IL’s role in the legislative process, including:


  1. Review APA-IL’s 2024 Legislative Priorities

  2. Follow the news and contact the Legislative Committee if there’s a bill you think is pertinent to upholding APA-IL's legislative priorities. 

  3. Monitor legislative and other alerts distributed by your councils of government and allied organizations like the Illinois Municipal League, Illinois Tax Increment Association, and the Illinois City / County Managers Association.  If you see legislation of interest, please let the Legislative Committee know.

  4. Read this quick guide on how to file a witness slip to have your voice heard on pending legislation.

  5. Check out the legislative resources available on the Legislative Committee’s webpage.


If you forgot to make or keep your new year’s resolution, now is a great time to commit yourself to strengthening APA-IL’s voice in the legislative process in 2024! If you’d like to get more involved with the Legislative Committee, we’re a wonderful group of decent humans with some interests similar to your own. Please send us note with your thoughts, suggestions, and let us know if you'd like to help give planners a voice in the pending 2024 legislative session.


Now, on to the 2024 Legislative Session!


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