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Image above: The Chicago Metro Section, zoomed in.

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The Chicago Metro Section (APA-CMS) is a sub-section of the statewide Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association. The APA-CMS covers topics relevant to seven Chicago counties: Cook, DuPage, Will, Lake, Kane, McHenry, Kankakee, and Grundy.

Chicago Metro Section Executive Committee

CMS Executive Committee

Section Director - Justin Keller, AICP, Elevate

Assistant Director - Valerie Berstene, AICP, Village of Orland Park

Secretary - Samantha Lenoch, Houseal Lavigne Associates

Treasurer - James Harris, AICP, City of Chicago

Past Director - Brandon Nolin, AICP, Houseal Lavigne Associates

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Executive Committee Documents

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Exec Committee

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CMS Programs

CMS Programs

The CMS collaborates with local planners to develop a calendar of monthly programs each year to provide educational and professional development opportunities for fellow planners, students, and affiliated professionals.  Some of the CMS monthly programs are co-sponsored with affiliated organizations, such as CMAP, UIC, DePaul, and the Chaddick Institute, which reinforces APA-IL’s capacity to form partnerships that help promote the planning field and form connections with other related fields, such as development, real estate, architecture, and design.  In addition to its monthly programs, CMS also works with local student organizations to sponsor networking and mentoring activities, which help up and coming planners break into the planning work world.

CMS Documents

Current Programs, News, and Events

CMS News