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Legislative Alert: SUPPORT HR 0438! File a Witness Slip!

APA-IL Legislative Alert

Legislative Committee American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter April 10, 2024

House Resolution 0438 - Resolution Rightfully Calls for Equitable, Transit-Focused Redesign of DuSable Lake Shore Drive

House Resolution 0438 Asks the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to approach the redesign of DuSable Lake Shore Drive with creative, multimodal solutions and a comprehensive plan for the efficient movement of traffic and people.


There are 2 ways you can advocate:

#1: Fill out a Witness Slip

HR 0438 online witness slips can be submitted up to the conclusion of the Transportation, Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee hearing (hearing begins 4/10/24 at 3pm).

#2: Contact your legislators

Step #1: Visit to find your legislators and their contact information.

Step #2: Email your legislators and let them know they should SUPPORT HR 0438.


Sponsors: Rep. Kam Buckner (D. 26th District) is the primary Sponsor. Joining him are Chief Co-Sponsor, Rep. Ann M. Williams, and Co-Sponsors Rep. Margaret Croke, Rep. Will Guzzardi, Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy and Rep. Hoan Huynh. Status: Today, 4/10/24 at 3pm, HR 0438 is on the agenda for the Illinois House Transportation, Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee Hearing. Summary: The resolution supports transit-oriented redesign of DuSable Lake Shore Drive (DLSD) House Resolution 0438 urges the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to adopt a creative re-design of DLSD that acknowledges the need for multimodal solutions while placing greater emphasis on equity in the future redevelopment of the area.

Advocating for connected and equitable decision-making in land use and transportation planning is central to APA-IL's legislative priorities. In calling for a comprehensive approach that considers all modes of transportation and a diverse group of stakeholders, HR 0438 reinforces the need for a sound planning approach to the redesign of DLSD.

HR 0438 recognizes DLSD’s vital importance not only as a roadway but also as a transportation asset serving a broader and ideally, a more equitable purpose. The Resolution recognizes the need to plan for "pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users and drivers." At the same time, it calls for the creation of more green space and recreational opportunities to occur alongside the improvements to "green urban mobility".

The resolution acknowledges an expanded list of stakeholders that call for a variety of other improvements such as efficient traffic management during special events, preparation for major weather challenges, and modernizing or "re-purposing" existing infrastructure, particularly in places where recreation can be expanded. APA members from throughout the state represent a key stakeholder group for HR 0438 and deserve to have their voices heard in support of this piece of legislation.

Why you should SUPPORT this bill: Guided by APA-IL's 2024 Legislative Priorities, APA-IL asks members to SUPPORT HR 0438. This resolution is a great example of equitable and connected decision-making in the realms of land use planning and transportation concerning one of the premier transit corridors in Illinois.

Recommendation: File a witness slip and contact your state legislators to SUPPORT HR 0438.

Please note: Online witness slips can be submitted up to the conclusion of the committee hearing.


Questions? Please contact Legislative Co-Chairs Ben LeRoy or Greg Jones at Find out more about the APA-IL Legislative Committee at


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