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The mission of the APA-IL Pro Bono Planning Service Program is to provide planning services on a pro bono basis, by APA-IL members, to assist eligible non-profit organizations, community groups, service agencies, and governmental units in the initiation, organizing, and fine tuning of early stage planning projects.


The program is not intended to compete with private sector planning services which may be needed to perform and complete any of a full range of planning activities 


Pro Bono Programs, News, and Events


Talent Bank Registration

Regardless of how many years of experience you have or your current job's focus, your help is needed. If would like to volunteer, please fill out the form below, identifying yourself and your professional talents to be placed in a "talent bank." When the APA-IL Pro Bono Program organizes a planning session, they will search through the Talent Bank for the professionals with talent most relevant to the project.

Please note: Your information will remain private, for use only by the APA-IL Pro Bono Program. The APA-IL Pro Bono Service Program is only open to current members of the American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter (APA-IL).



The APA-IL’s Pro Bono Program was established to benefit both the communities/organizations we serve and to provide an outlet for creative community service activities of our membership. The program is the only one of its kind among APA Chapters and Sections in the country. It has been recognized as highly successful by the national organization, and in 2003 the APA-IL was recognized nationally with the AICP President’s Award in recognition of their work in the communities and in the area of professional development.


Also in 2003, the APA-IL was provided a grant from the American Planning Association (APA) to prepare a video about the program which is now used to train other chapters on how to conduct similar activities:

Past Projects

Past Pro Bono Projects

Since 1998, the APA-IL has undertaken a number of diverse pro bono projects. These include:


  • a Cal Sag waterfront plan and preliminary comprehensive plan discussion for Robbins, IL

  • a commercial development plan for a commercial strip along Irving Park Road in Chicago, IL

  • a residential density discussion for Chicago's Edison Park neighborhood

  • an organizational plan for downtown revitalization in Riverdale, IL

  • a transit oriented design plan for the Metra Robbins/Blue Island commuter train station

  • an action plan & agenda setting for a commercial TIF district in the Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood

  • a downtown Minooka, IL strategic planning session focusing on marketing, organization, and design

  • a strategic planning session to start the framework for the new town of Homer Glen, IL

  • organized local participation in the National Conference charrette in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood

  • a planning session in Joliet, IL with a faith based organization to begin a comprehensive planning process

  • a priority setting exercise for the Village of Harwood Heights, IL focusing on a variety of planning issues

  • design charrette for the recovery efforts of Utica, IL after the tornado disaster of 2004

  • a Northwest Highway commercial strip revitalization planning exercise for Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact APA-IL Pro Bono Program Chair, Jaemi Jackson, AICP for more information.

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