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Illinois Planners Forum

Welcome to the APA-IL Forum, facilitated by Yahoo! Groups. When planners have questions about planning matters who do they ask? Normally they'd knock on the wall of the cubicle next to you have the opportunity to ask hundreds of your closest planning friends.


By signing up with the Forum, you can ask any professional questions to forum members, follow discussions between members, and answer questions posted by fellow professionals. Recent topics have included Building Permit Reviews, Community Gardens, Apartment Parking, Traffic Controls, Municipal Boundaries...


We hope that this is a convenient way to request and exchange information, and a means to establish communications with other Illinois planners!

Sign Up

  1. Login to a Google account

  2. Click here to join the Forum 

  3. Click on the "Ask to Join" button at the top of the page.

Members can use a non-Google account. Please email us to be added to the group. It is important to understand that with a non-Google email address access is limited, you cannot see the Forum page but can send and receive Forum emails.

Please note:

  • To join the APA-IL Planners Forum, you must be a member of APA-IL. Membership will be verified upon receiving your request to join and reviewed annually.

  • APA-IL Planners Forum has moved from Yahoo! Groups to Google Groups as of December 2020. Past Yahoo! forum members will need to rejoin the new Google Group.

We reserve the right to refuse or edit any submissions. The opinions and advice expressed in the Forum are those of the authors only. They do not represent the views of APA, APA-IL or other members of this Forum. Advice offered through the Forum is not intended to be a substitute for any legal advice. APA-IL cannot under any circumstances be held accountable if the advice given through the Forum and followed by the user is not satisfactory. APA-IL and Forum members cannot not be held responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied and cannot be held responsible as an “expert”.

If you are interested in posting a link to or contact information for a Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications, please visit our RFP/RFQ Postings.

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