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Committees and Programs

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APA-IL Committees and Programs help to achieve our mission.

The APA-IL Committees and Programs listed below are how we achieve our mission and carryout our strategic plan. APA-IL members volunteer to serve the Chapter and the profession through these groups.

Our Chapter also organizes programs and opportunities in two geographical areas, the Chicago Metro Section and the Illinois State Section. These two state sections allow the APA-IL to tailor professional development to the unique issues that the communities face in each geographical area. Our Committees and Programs work with the Chicago Metro Section and Illinois State Section to create the robust events and programs that our membership can be proud of.


If you are and APA-IL member and interested in volunteering with one of the Committees and Programs listed below, our State Chapter Conference, please fill out our volunteer form.

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Chapter Awards

The APA-IL Chapter Awards Program recognizes exceptional plans and individuals in the field of urban planning in Illinois. These plans and individuals demonstrate the outstanding planning that occurs in all corners of our great state. Each year, award winning plans are recognized at the annual Chapter Awards Luncheon at the Chapter's State Conference.


DEI Committee

The APA-IL's Diversity, Equtiy and Inclusion Committee provides ongoing education forums and opportunities for planners, students and university faculty of different backgrounds to network, share ideas and bring recognition to unique values and perspectives. Our mission is to promote and increase diversity within Illinois' planning profession and support the efforts of planners to create more inclusive, equitable and just policies, regulations, and communities in Illinois.


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Emerging Planning
Professionals Group

The Emerging Planning Professionals Group (EPP) advocates strong participation of students and recent graduates, and persons of any age who are relatively new to the planning profession. The EPP aims to connect individuals through networking events, volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and professional development.


Legislative Committee

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to provide information on legislative matters in Springfield that concern planning officials and professionals and provide an effective voice to advocate on matters concerning planning practice and profession in Illinois.


Membership Committee

The APA-IL Membership Committee serves the Chapter by recruiting new and retaining existing members to strengthen planning in Illinois. Duties include: 

  • Market the APA-IL's program and events while illustrating the connection and value of members and good planning in Illinois.

  • Attend chapter and allied programs and events to support & promote membership

  • Define and assist in research & creating members services based on member needs

  • Execute a membership retention program to ensure a stable membership base for the chapter


Mentoring Program

This program is designed for APA-IL young professionals and students who wish to be mentored in either a specific topic or in career development in general. Mentors and protégés are matched by the Mentoring Program Match Committee based on areas of interest and time/location preferences selected by mentors and protégés on their applications.


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Pro Bono Program

Starting back in 1998, the APA-IL Pro Bono Committee has provided pro-bono planning services and assistance to eligible non-profit organizations, community groups, service agencies and governmental units to initiate, organize, and fine tune early stage planning projects. Our Pro Bono Program has served as a role model for APA Chapters and Sections throughout the US.


Planning Officials Development Committee

The Planning Officials Development Committee brings high quality and helpful training to Planning and Zoning Commissioners as well as other appointed local officials throughout Illinois. 


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Professional Development Committee

Committee members are dedicated to bringing high quality professional development to Illinois members throughout the year. This Committee was formed in 2021 and is still in development.

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