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Whether you're strengthening your skills, taking the AICP Exam, maintaining your AICP certification, or getting ready to become a Fellow of AICP, the APA-IL is here to help. 

The APA-IL provides unique educational and networking opportunities for members through our conferences, committee and section activities, plan commissioner training, and AICP exam preparation programs. The APA-IL is the association for Illinoisans that want to stay current in the urban planning field and network with other Illinois planning professionals. 

What we offer

  • Educational opportunities for urban planners.

  • Coordination of AICP Certification Maintenance (CM) Credits for events and programs.

  • Information regarding AICP Exam preparation.

  • Assistance with nominations to the AICP College of Fellows.

Partnering with APA-IL for AICP CM Credit

In January 2020, the APA-IL Board of Directors approved a Certification Maintenance Policy. The Policy provides a process for providing CM to affiliates / partner organizations. Click here for more information.

Can't fine what you're looking for? 

Check out the APA-IL Professional Development FAQ. Questions regarding any part of this process can also be directed to APA National at or by calling 312-431-9100. You can also reach the APA-IL Professional Development Officer at



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Professional Development FAQ

What is CM?

All professional planners who are members of APA's professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), must engage in mandatory continuing education to maintain their certification. AICP members must earn a total of 32 CM credits within their two-year reporting period.


What is CM?

The Certification Maintenance program links certified planners to training opportunities that will keep them up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.  It also strengthens the value of certification, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers.


How can I offer CM and my event or program?

The continuing education activities and events that will provide these CM credits are approved by APA. All education providers, including APA and its chapters and divisions, register with APA/AICP to become CM providers. 


What happened to AICP's Advanced Specialty Certifications?

Advanced Specialty Certification (ASC) enabled AICP–credentialed planners to be recognized for their knowledge, experience, and leadership skills in specialized areas of planning. The ASC Program offered three advanced examinations for the AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP), AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP), and AICP Certified Urban Designer (AICP CUD). As of May 2018, APA no longer accepts applications. Click here for a list of ASC credential holders. 

Questions about AICP/CM/FAICP?

1. Visit APA's website at http:/

2. Questions regarding the exam can be e-mailed to the AICP office at; or

3. Contact APA-IL's Professional Development Officer by filling out the form below:

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Thank you for contacting the APA-IL!

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