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Looking for career advice? Check out the APA-IL Career Advice page. We've got blogs, webinars, and information on allied organizations. You're one-stop-shop for all things related to careers in urban planning.

APA-IL provides these listings as a service to its members and to the public. APA-IL is not affiliated with the parties listed here, and the fact that they are listed should not be taken as any kind of an endorsement, guarantee, or warranty by the APA-IL. APA-IL assumes no responsibility or liability for any acts or omissions by persons or entities in these listings.

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Let the APA-IL give your commissioners a chance to look at the big picture and receive training on the topics they routinely face. Our training is offered throughout Illinois.

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“I was pleased to hear many of my Commissioners were happy with the session and many of the veterans said they learned something new." -- a village zoning administrator

Cindy Winland and Andy Cross in Geneva3.

Could your commissioners use a little training?

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