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Thinking about a career in urban planning?

The urban planner's role is to provide the big picture and to relate the project to various goals and guidelines, such as ordinances or design review, in order to achieve a final project that meets the needs of the community. This might include appropriate design, environmental considerations, support for the local economy, or equitable access for all members of the community. Click here to learn more about choosing the planning profession.

Looking to build your career skills?

In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the APA-IL saw the need to build the career skills of fellow professionals. The APA-IL Membership Committee assembled a series of webinars to talk through planning careers at various stages. Whether you're looking for a job, thinking about making a leap to management, or just graduating we encourage you to look through all the resources below.


Looking for employment?


See what the APA-IL offers:

Monitor the APA-IL Job Board. New jobs are always being added.

APA-IL and the APA-IL Chicago Metro Section (CMS) have been putting together networking events and keep unemployed members involved. The CMS also offers once a month workshops and sessions regarding current topics and issues. It's a great place to stay current and meet fellow planners in the Chicago area.

Attend the APA-IL's virtual networking programs to build your own personal network.

Volunteer for APA-IL's Pro Bono Committee activities.

See what the APA offers:

Look into the APA Career Center APA offers to give your career a boost. Some services, such as posting your resume, are included with a national APA membership. 

What is Urban Design? Join the APA Urban Design and Preservation Division to get helpful advice to students, those interested in becoming urban designers, and planners interested in learning more about urban design.

Visit other websites for career information and job advertisements:

UIC's Urban Planning & Policy Student Association:


Congress for New Urbanism-Jobs:

US Green Building Council:

Illinois City/County Managers Association (ILCMA), Why choose a career in local government?

Illinois GIS Association (ILGISA) Job Center:


Urban Land Institute:

Idealist (a project of the nonprofit Action Without Borders):


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