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Your Help is Greatly Needed in Preparing the Next Generation of Planners

COVID-19 has severely interrupted employment, summer internship, and professional development opportunities for students. While we are all impacted by COVID-19, students at both of Illinois' Planning Accredited Board (PAB) Universities, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), are in need of support from their profession during this time. Please consider how you or your employer can assist.

Internships are a critical part of planning education and COVID-19 has severely interrupted the summer internship opportunities for planning students at both Universities. Please send your paid and unpaid internship opportunities under the heading of “Employment Opportunity” to both (UIC) and (UIUC) for distribution to students. Long-term and short-term employment opportunities are also welcome.

Finally, capstone and studio course project ideas are welcome. Submit ideas via the UIUC Capstone Project RFP form. UIC welcomes suggestions for graduate studio courses, which can be sent to and welcomes capstone projects for next spring’s undergraduate students. Click here for the UIC Capstone RFP.

The following faculty members are coordinating student support efforts. Please reach out to them with any questions, comments or suggestions.


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