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Preparing for Success: Navigating the November 2023 AICP Exam

Greetings fellow Illinois planners! I'm Andy Cross, the Illinois Chapter's Professional Development Office and your liaison to all things AICP. The second window for taking the AICP Exam in 2023 is November 1-29, and the window for registration is October 1 – 31. If you are considering sitting for the exam, that’s awesome and as your Professional Development Officer, I have important information for you.

Gather Information and Determine Your Eligibility

If you haven't already, visit the American Planning Association's website and download the AICP Certification Guide, and use the Eligibility Pre-Check resources designed to help you understand how your experience fits into AICP Certification.

Study Groups and Resources

I created a couple boards for the AICP Exam on the Chapter’s new online forum. As members, you are able to gain access to the forum. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Make a free account (it takes ten seconds) and navigate to the AICP Exam boards.

  2. Read over the resources and drop a note on the Study Group Board. You’re not alone!

A couple folks have already left notes looking for people to meet with, share ideas, and study together.

AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship

The Illinois Chapter doesn’t have any tools to offer financial assistance for taking the AICP Exam. However, APA National offers the Diversity Scholarship. Click here for information. There are only 50 scholarships available for this nationwide program, so it’s competitive. But a number of Illinois planners have received it, so I encourage you to apply if you’re eligible (don't let the word "eligible" scare you off either).

October Podcast Episode: AICP Exam Focus

We’ll also be releasing a great episode of the Chapter’s Only Planners in the Building podcast in October

that focuses on the AICP exam. Great conversation, tips, and advice from a range of certified planners,

including two that just took the exam recently.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions as you start on your AICP adventure!

Andy Cross, AICP

Professional Development Officer (PDO)

American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter


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