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Plan Commissioner Training comes to the Village of Campton Hills 3/3/21

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Village of Campton Hills hosted a virtual plan commission training session on March 3, 2021. This was the 117th training that the APA-IL has held. In addition to commissioners from Campton Hills, the Village President and staff attended, as well as commissioners from nearby Elburn; sixteen people in all. The session training was led by Dan Ungerleider, AICP, Community Development Director in Clarendon Hills and Michael Blue, FAICP of Teska Associates.

The session was highlighted by ample discussion about the planning tools and processes covered in the training. Campton Hills is currently updating its zoning ordinance, so the discussions were timely, and making good use of findings of fact was highlighted during the workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the attendees completed an anonymous evaluation form. They listed the following as the most helpful topics from the session:

  • Overview of the entire planning commission and how it operates.

  • Discussion of the chair and commissioners' roles.

  • Knowledge that hardships pertain to land not to people.

  • Explanation of how a PUD works.

  • The 'Nuts and Bolts': Roles; Findings of Fact; Subdiv. Regs.; and Legal


Want to know how we can customize training for your officials?

Visit the Plan Commissioner Training website and contact the APA-IL Planning Officials Development Officer, Michael Blue, FAICP at


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