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New Member Online Forum is Live!

The APA-IL is proud to announce a brand new forum platform for APA-IL members. Here at APA-IL HQ, we have been working hard with the Membership Committee to make networking with fellow professionals better than ever.

When planners have questions about planning matters who do they ask? Normally they'd knock on the wall of the cubicle next to them... now you have the opportunity to ask hundreds of your closest Illinois planning friends.

By signing up with the Forum, you can ask any questions to forum members, follow discussions between members, and answer questions posted by fellow professionals. Boards include a help desk, AICP exam, career, a potpourri and more.

We hope that this is a convenient way to request and exchange information, and a means to establish communications with other Illinois planners.

To join the APA-IL Planners Forum, you must be an APA or APA-IL Chapter Only member. Membership will be verified upon receiving your request to join and reviewed quarterly. Not a member? Visit to join.


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