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9/2 - TCDF Presents: “Community Wealth Building In The Age Of Recovery”

Join an all-star panel of community wealth building experts for a solutions-oriented discussion as

they take a deep dive into the strategies and actions communities can undertake to build a more

inclusive, secure, and inspiring post-pandemic world.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health and economic crisis of unprecedented proportions for

communities across the country. With millions out of work and resources drying up, communities

face a Herculean task of recovery under the most difficult of circumstances. Meanwhile,

historically underserved members of our communities risk slipping further and further behind.

Community wealth building offers strategies for moving forward. The community wealth building

approach to economic development strengthens communities from within and from the ground

up. When broadly embraced and effectively undertaken, it can help to address inequities and

create more inclusive and resilient local economies where economic opportunity is available to


The crisis has provided an opening to rebuild our economies thoughtfully and inclusively, but the

planning work must begin now to take advantage of this moment.


  • Joanna Trotter, Senior Director of Community Impact, The Chicago Community Trust

  • Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President, Governmental Affairs, Center for Neighborhood

  • Technology

  • Rick Guzman, Executive Director, The Neighbor Project

  • Terri Haymaker, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Solutions, IFF

  • Kathleen Mulligan, PHD, Co-Director, National Labor leadership Institute, ILR Worker

  • Institute


  • Zach Lowe, Director of Planning & Programming, Tri-Council Development Fund

Hosted by Tri-Council Development Fund (TCDF), a partnership of the Illinois union finishing

trades industries. The TCDF utilizes the leadership, advocacy, training, and other resources of

more than 9,000 workers and signatory contractors across the state to help build local

community and economic development capacity and promote prosperity for all.

Register by: 12:00pm on Tuesday, September 1st


  • Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

  • Time: 12:45 CDT login; 1:00pm – 2:30pm CDT program

  • COST: Free

WHY: As a community-focused initiative, the TCDF partners with municipal governments,

community-based organizations, and other stakeholders on projects that strengthen

communities and catalyze inclusive growth. The TCDF focuses on community empowerment

through four critical areas of community and economic development:

  • Infrastructure Resilience

  • Workforce Development

  • Economic Opportunity

  • Housing Balance

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