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5/22 - Lockdown Lowdown Virtual Happy Hour

Updated: May 29, 2020

Join fellow APA-IL members for the Lockdown Lowdown - don your slippers and grab a sipper - brought to you by the APA-IL Membership Committee. Given this brave new world we now live in, let's congratulate each other on making it through another week, kick back, and talk with other APA-IL members!

The Membership Committee will pick a topic to kick-off the conversation and we'll see where the topic takes us! We're feeling a little celebratory so Friday's topic will be "What would you like to clink to?" 🥂 Do you have an accomplishment that you'd like to share since you began WFH? We'd like to toast to your success and give you a virtual thumbs up for a job well done!

Friday's participants will also be able to enjoy a few trivia questions to help kick-off the night!

Friday, May 22 @ 5:30 PM

Please note the new time!

Grab a beverage and something to munch, sit down at your computer or call in, and join your fellow planners online for an hour of conversation and camaraderie.

Please note, these happy hours are for members-only. To learn more about APA or APA-IL Chapter Only membership, please visit our membership webpage.

Participants must be signed-in into Zoom in order to participate. Use your personal password to sign-in, not the meeting password. This measure is in place to help deter zoombombing. Thanks!


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