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10/29 - Walking Towards Justice: Addressing Ableism in Your Built Environment

As a follow up to America Walks' earlier Walking Towards Justice episode, Connecting and Allying with the Disability Rights Movement, they are excited to bring the series back for an episode that will explore the topic of ableism and how it informs our programs, places, and interactions, “Addressing Ableism in Your Built Environment.” We invite you to join America Walks on October 29th where they will will look at how individual, organizational, and institutional privilege intentionally and unintentionally creates barriers to the safe, accessible, and equitable spaces to walk and move that we all aspire to create. Join them as they explore the topic of ableism and hear from experts on proactive and immediate ways we can contribute to dismantling the pervasive daily exclusion that people with disabilities experience every day.

Attendees of this webinar will be able to:

  • Explore the topic of ableism and how it is found in programs, policies, and places related to walkable and moveable communities

  • Hear from experts on their own perspectives and experiences with ableism

  • Learn tools, resources, and ways to dismantle the barriers ableism creates

October 29, 2019

1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific

Please Note: This is a 90 Minute Webinar

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