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Call for inspiring small town and rural planning stories!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Is your community engaging in innovative planning work related to:

  • accessing local food,

  • providing for the needs of children and seniors,

  • cultivating job opportunities,

  • tackling climate change and energy conservation,

  • protecting your working landscape,

  • addressing transportation needs and alternatives,

  • ensuring adequate healthcare,

  • adding resiliency to your community toolbox, or

  • being creative in other ways to better community life

WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU – Please tell the New Ruralism Initiative team about it!

Click here to share a few sentences about your story: Then we will be back in touch to get more details.


*To learn more about the New Ruralism Initiative see the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association (NNECAPA) website

New Ruralism (other than as a marketing phrase used to sell gated communities in Georgia and Florida) is a term first launched into national land use conversation by Sibella Krauss, a Berkeley professor.

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