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Fill out another Witness Slip to OPPOSE HB4247 by 4/10 @ 10am

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Show your OPPOSITION to Illinois House Bills 4247 - Convention Space Appropriation! Fill out a Witness Slip!

In a previous APA-IL Legislative Alert, we talked about about three bills, HB4246, 4247, 4248 which present a significant challenge to the continuing education of professional Illinois planners and the evolution of planning practice in Illinois. Members did a fantastic job filling out Witness Slips against HB4247 & HB4247-HCA2 for the March 7th hearing.

Late this afternoon, an amendment to HB 4247 was scheduled for a hearing tomorrow, April 10th at 10:00 a.m. in the House Executive Committee. The amendment removes the word “educational and training” from the definition of “convention” but still says “any gathering in which 2 more employees or officials, contractors, etc. 2 different units of local government are present. However by just removing the “educational portion” and leaving in “gathering” the reasons this group “gather” is for educational purposes so in essence the amendment didn’t change anything.

Please OPPOSE this bill by filing an online Witness Slip for HB4247. Make sure to use the entity you are employed without using acronyms.

Sponsor: Rep. David McSweeney (R – 52d Dist., Cook, McHenry, Lake Counties) Status: Referred to Executive Committee April 10, 2018 at 10:00 am. What it does: Amendment to the State Finance Act, creating a new Section 30 ILCS 105/14d that, for contracts entered into on or after the effective date of the amendatory Act, State appropriations may not be expended to rent or pay for access to physical space for booths, hospitality suites, or other physical space for units of local government, school districts, community college districts, or other taxing bodies at a convention or gathering of personnel. This amendment would exclude appropriations for physical space expenditures at any convention or gathering of public safety personnel. Why you should OPPOSE this bill:

  • Restricts opportunities for public-sector planners to have exhibit space or booths at trade shows, conferences, or other gatherings such as ICSC’s Deal Making Conferences;

  • Limits important networking and educational opportunities for public-sector planners to be gained at trade shows, conferences, and other gatherings; and

  • This bill is connected to HB4246, which would restrict the use of funds by a unit of local government for expenses connected with attendance by an employee or contractor of the unit of local government at a convention or gathering of personnel. HB4248 combines would create these two bills into the Local Government Convention Expense Control Act.

  • Each of the bills would significantly impact the ability to host conferences, as many planners would no longer have the necessary funds to attend and would lose out on opportunities to gain and maintain important certifications.

Recommendation: File a Witness Slip to OPPOSE HB4247. Make sure to use the entity you are employed without using acronyms.

Please note: Online witness slips can be submitted up to the conclusion of the committee hearing (hearing begins at 10:00 am on April 10, 2018).

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