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Sign-up your commissioners for the state’s premiere commissioner training program!

Planning Commissioners Need Training Too!

Thursday, September 29th

Urge your commissioners to attend this one-day, one-of-a-kind, testimonial approved, learning opportunity at the 2016 APA-IL State Conference. Commissioners will learn the essential elements of creating and maintaining an efficient and productive Plan Commission process.

"I got a chance to hear from a lot of different municipalities that have the same type of problems that we did and compare ourselves." Violetta Cullen, City of Evanston

The session, led by planners with many years of experience serving commissions, will focus on topics including:

  • how to ensure appropriate findings of fact are prepared

  • using master plans and zoning ordinances as effective tools, and

  • running an effective commission meeting.

Lessons learned will be applicable to members of other commissions, who are certainly welcome to attend. Click here for more information on the training.


Why Should I Send My Commissioners?

  • Legal aspects of the plan approval processes and requirements related to conflict of interest and ethics will be covered by two practicing municipal attorneys.

  • Commissioners get a unique opportunity to network and share tips with peers from other.

  • The APA-IL has conducted 60 of these sessions - we're pros.

  • and... the day-long session is only $75 per official!

What Do the Commissioners Think?

"I learned a lot and it was very much worth my time."

“Presenters and material kept my interest more than I expected.”

"All the topics were very helpful."

“Great to refresh on Zoning Board purpose and function.”

“I have an overall better outline and game plan in my role as plan commissioner.”

“I liked how presenters added their experiences – made presentation more interesting.”

"Helpful to learn that planning is different in every community."

“I was pleased to hear many of my Commissioners were happy with the session and many of the veterans said they learned something new." -- a village zoning administrator

Training Faculty

Michael Blue, FAICP Laurie Marston, FAICP Bob Sullivan, FAICP

Cindy Winland, AICP David Silverman, AICP Greg Jones, AICP


SPECIAL THANKS to our growing list of sponsors!

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