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When Trails are Transformative: How Linear Corridors and Pathways can “Rebrand” Communities and Prom

APA Members receive $10 off! If you are interested in attending at this special rate, please email Marisa Schulz at or call 312/362-5731. Strategically created linear parks and greenways are a hot trend in community development these days, spurring not only cultural enhancement but also real estate development. Whether the subject is "The 606" in Chicago, Paris' Promenade Plantée, or New York's "High Line", planners are finding these amenities to be much more than walking and bike trails: they are shifting the parameters of real estate development, spurring residential construction, and allowing for the "rebranding" of neighborhoods. The momentum behind this is encouraging planners and development professionals to work in tandem to create "win win" strategies. Join us as we explore this emerging trend and hear from the leader of the Atlanta Belt Line, arguably the country's most ambitious project of this type. Thursday, December 3 at 9:00am to 11:30am DePaul Center (DPC), 8005 1 E Jackson Blvd

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