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Member Feedback Requested: APA Draft Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The American Planning Association (APA) is pleased to share the latest draft of APA’s Equity in Zoning Policy Guide. This guide is game-changing and aims to identify specific ways in which policy makers – together with planners – can dismantle barriers that perpetuate the separation of historically disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in key areas, including:

  • Public engagement

  • Administration

  • Mapping

  • Zoning regulation enforcement

It also offers specific guidance that state and federal policy makers can use to shape zoning reform policy.

We strongly encourage you to download, review, and share your feedback during this member comment period. The deadline for comments is Monday, Nov. 14. Send your comments to

APA will use all member comments received during this period to inform final adjustments to the draft guide before it goes to our member-appointed body for further amendment, debate, and approval. This phase is the final piece of an extensive outreach process.  

Thank you for lending your voice and unique perspective to this critical phase in APA’s policy development process!


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