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Village of Maywood holds 2nd Plan Commissioner Training on 3/8/22

man standing in front of projector screen talking to audience
Trainer Phil Green (photo by Marty Scott, AICP)

The APA-IL Plan Commissioner Training Faculty visited the Village of Maywood in February. Marty Scott, AICP from the Village of Western Springs, and Phil Green from the Village of Hoffman Estates, led the training for the Plan Commission/ZBA and staff who attended. This is the second time the Village has utilized the program. The last training with the Village of Maywood occurred in 2018.

The training included the usual topics ranging from planning history to role of the commissioners, and from findings of fact to ethics. The Maywood Commission volunteers were very engaged and inquisitive. Like many other sessions, there were plenty of questions on the “nuts and bolts” of serving as a plan commissioner. For instance, one of the questions was, ”What questions should I routinely ask of developers?”. As usual, the questions, comments, and stories flowed from there. The training was informative and fun for both the new and veteran Commission members. While the Village of Maywood faces challenges, they are now more prepared at the Plan Commission level for the future opportunities headed their way as well.

Thank you to Nalini Johnson, Village of Maywood, who helped to organize the session.


Save-the-date for the 2022 APA-IL State Conference!

We're excited to be back in Chicago, IL at the Old Post Office, September 28-30, 2022 for our 2022 State Conference. This conference is our once-a-year opportunity for urban planners and allied professionals to learn about the latest trends in Illinois planning and network with their peers.

Each year we host our state conference, we offer the opportunity for plan commissioners to attend an all-day training. This year's all-day Plan Commissioner Training will be held on September 29th. This training is great for commissioners that have and have not been through our evening training. The training is split into a morning of general information, a networking lunch with fellow commissioners and trainers, an afternoon mock hearing to put your knowledge to the test, followed by an evening cocktail hour. Registration will be opening soon.

Want to know how we can customize training for your officials?

Visit the Plan Commissioner Training website and contact the APA-IL Planning Officials Development Officer, Michael Blue, FAICP at

Photo credit: Marty Scott, AICP


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