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Village of Lynwood receives Plan Commissioner Training on 3/13/23

The 150th Plan Commissioner training was held in the Village of Lynwood on March 13, 2023. A total of 16 people attended the session including all six Village Trustees, nearly all of the seven Plan Commission members, the Building Director, the Building/Health Inspector, and several Public Works Department staff members.

An in-depth discussion was held on the importance of Lynwood’s adopted Comprehensive Plan in guiding land use decisions, the important role of the Plan Commission in making recommendations to the Village Board, and the important role of the Chair in running effective meetings and following the statutory requirements for conducting public hearings.

The training session was presented by attorney Dan Bolin, with Ancel Glink, and Michael Schwarz, AICP, with the Village of Frankfort.

A big thank you to Village Trustee David Lilly for organizing the training session.


Want to know how we can customize training for your organization or officials?

Visit the Plan Commissioner Training website to learn more and contact the APA-IL Planning Officials Development Officer, Michael Blue, FAICP at


Photo credit: Dan Bolin, Ancel Glink


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