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Submit your ideas for the 2022 APA-ISS Spring Conference

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

When it comes to APA-IL Illinois State Section (APA-ISS) Conferences, we’ve seen Moline. We’ve viewed all that’s well in Collinsville. We’ve learned how Decatur became greater. We’ve done fine online.

But now it’s time to take it to the next level, because in 2022...


The APA-ISS Executive Committee is planning a hybrid slate of professional development opportunities next year. The 2022 APA-ISS Conference will be held in a virtual format in late April (exact date TBD), while a series of in-person mobile workshops will take place around the state during the summer and fall to highlight dynamic planning projects taking place in all six ISS regions. But we need your contributions, for...

What’s going on in your community that we need to hear about? What’s an issue that’s piqued your interest elsewhere? What’s the hot topic that planners around the state should be learning about?

Maybe you know a planner (or architect, or local business owner, or…) who has a great story to share. Maybe you have one yourself! Let us know who we should be hearing from.

Mobile workshops and site visits offer an in-person look at your community or favorite project. They’re also a great excuse for socializing with fellow members afterwards!

Share your ideas with the ISS Executive Committee at


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