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Podcast Episode 7 - Only Plan Commissioners in the Building with Susan Rose

The latest episode of the APA-IL's “Only Planners in the Building” podcast is live! We took things in a different direction for this episode. Instead of meeting with an Illinois planner, our stalwart host, Andy Cross, AICP, sat down with a Plan Commissioner to talk about why they volunteer their time and service to their community, what they’ve learned over the years, and what we, as planners, can do to help them do their jobs better.

Listen to a great discussion with Dr. Susan Rose, Chairperson of the Zoning & Planning Commission in the City of Elmhurst, Illinois. She has a background in education as a Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and shares wonderful thoughts and insights that will be helpful for planners, as well as board members and commissioners, all around the state.

This episode can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. Visit Spotify for listening options. You can also click below to start listening:


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