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Legacy Planner: Charles Witherington-Perkins, AICP - Only Planners in the Building Podcast Episode 12

Episode 12 of the APA-IL's podcast "Only Planners in the Building" is out! This is the first in a new series called "Legacy Planners." It's dedicated to the Illinois planners that have been in their role for decades, heading departments and serving as leaders and mentors to countless planning staff around the State. I bet you're thinking of someone who would be perfect for this series right now, aren't you? Email your ideas to host Andy Cross, AICP at

Charles Witherington-Perkins, AICP, the Director of Community Development in the Village of Arlington Heights in the Chicago area is celebrating his 34th year in the position and has had a lasting impact on the community, as well as on the many planners who have worked under his guidance in the department. Learn about his hometown in England, his thoughts on leadership and communication, and things he's most proud of in his distinguished career.

This episode can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. Visit Spotify for listening options. You can also click below to start listening:


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