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Illinois Bike/Walk Learning Collaborative

The Illinois Public Health Institute and Active Transportation Alliance are pleased to announce a new learning opportunity: The Illinois Bike/Walk Virtual Learning Collaborative. The learning collaborative will support Illinois communities in identifying projects and understanding what will be needed to successfully apply for Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation. This year, state funds make available $25 million in new dedicated funding for walking and bicycling projects in Illinois with $50 million per year in dedicated funding expected in subsequent years.

This learning collaborative will build capacity in Illinois communities to biking and walking develop projects that will be eligible and competitive to be awarded ITEP funds.

The collaborative will consist of virtual meetings/webinars (6 total). Content will include information on the ITEP fund application process, best practice sharing for selecting eligible walking or biking projects and facilitated group technical assistance/peer-learning to address any challenges faced in developing proposals.

Committed cross-sector teams of at least two people from Illinois communities are invited to apply. Up to 15 teams will be selected to participate. Multi-jurisdictional teams may apply. Participating teams will receive $500 per team in funding to compensate them for their time and contributions to the learning sessions, and/or other specified activities. See application for details.

The learning collaborative will run from May through October 2020 and is supported with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To learn more and apply, please review and complete the request for application. Please email any questions and the completed application to with subject line “Illinois Bike/Walk Virtual Learning Collaborative Application.” Applications are due by Friday, May 8, 2020, 5:00pm CT.


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