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Congratulations Illinois members that passed the May 2021 AICP Exam!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We're proud of these Illinois planners for not only passing the AICP Exam but also studying in the middle of a pandemic and pivoting to an online exam! Go ahead and add the skill "tenacity" to your LinkedIn profile, you've earned it! The next time you see them online or in person, be sure to give them an virtual high-five or elbow bump and say congratulations!

  • Dustin Allred, AICP

  • Gabriella Baldassari, AICP

  • Alexander Beata, AICP

  • Anthony Corso

  • Rachel Hitzemann, AICP

  • Timothy Holleran, AICP

  • Sarah Kobetis, AICP

  • Kevin Mcguinness, AICP

  • Ciara Miller, AICP Candidate

  • Wagdy Moussa, AICP

  • Chelsey Nault

  • Johamary Pena

  • Rolf Pendall, AICP

  • Kathleen Russell, AICP Candidate

  • Alexander Simmons, AICP

  • Curtis Witek

APA congratulates the 543 dedicated planners who passed the rigorous AICP Certification Exam last month. We now welcome (so far) 277 new AICP members and 119 AICP Candidates from the May 2021 exam cycle! Kudos to all for their hard work and commitment to the planning profession.

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The American Institute of Certified Planners is APA's professional institute and provides the only nationwide, independent verification of planners' qualifications. Certified planners pledge to uphold high standards of practice, ethics, and professional conduct, and to keep their skills sharp and up to date by continuously pursuing advanced professional education.

If you're curious about what it takes to become certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), please visit

Take these steps to AICP Certification

  1. Get educated and gain experience (make sure you meet criteria to apply)

  2. Apply for Certification

  3. Submit your planning essays and/or take the exam (you pick the order)

  4. Become AICP!


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