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Catch Up with UIUC SPO 2020-2021 Activities

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Student Planning Organization (SPO) Executive Board at UIUC had a busy 2020-2021 school year depite the ongoing pandemic. The APA-IL was proud to support them in the following activities:

Winter Break Book Club 2020 - 2021:

Meeting dates were 12-27; 1-3; 1-10; and 1-17. This event was very successful and helped virtually connect abotut 10 planning students over winter break. The book club read Barrio America which covers how latino immigrants brought life back to the American city. The book club discussed topics such as immigration, gentrification, urban renewal, and cultural identity. The book club also discussed how immigrants have affected cities here in Illinois, in Chicago and beyond.

AICP Candidate Pilot Program Enrollment 2021:

The Candidate Pilot Program allows current students to start earning their AICP certification before graduation and we had three students enroll in the program. We also held an information session about the program with APA Illinois’ new Professional Development Officer, Stephanie Brown. Roughly 12 students attended this meeting and expressed interest in becoming AICP certified through the Candidate Pilot Program.

APA Learn Courses for Winter Break 2020 - 2021:

Despite zoom fatigue, two students participated in APA Learn courses. We are hoping that more students will take advantage of the APA Learn courses over the 2021 summer, especially since several students are unable to find summer internships and are looking for a productive way to spend their time.

SPO UIUC Black Urbanist Exhibit 2/272021:

Roughly 35 students attended this event and walked through the exhibit to learn more about the history of black urbanists. The event was outside on the south quad and attracted planning students as well as other students and visitors to the campus. The exhibit sparked great conversations about what marks our students wanted to leave on history. This event educated planning students and others on UIUC campus about the work of black urbanists throughout history.


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