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11/18 - Artist Residencies in Municipal Governments

How can artists help solve the kinds of complex problems governments tackle? One model that’s grown increasingly popular is to place artists in residence in government agencies. This webinar brings together experts who’ve looked at this model from different perspectives: government, nonprofits, academics, and artists, to discuss the possibilities and challenges of artist residencies in local government. It will also be an opportunity for cross sector networking, a collaborative and generative space to think about different approaches and models for artist residencies for the social good. 

Speakers Include:

  • Roberto Bedoya: Cultural Affairs Manager for the City of Oakland

  • Johanna Taylor: Assistant Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University

  • Letitia Fernandez Ivins: Senior Manager, Transportation Planning, Metro Arts and Design

  • Robin Garcia: Cross Sector Analyst, LA County Department of Arts and Culture

  • Sara Daleiden (moderator): artist, Los Angeles and Milwaukee

Hosted by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture

Wednesday, Nov. 18

2:00 - 3:30 pm CST

via Zoom

It will include a panel discussion and breakout group conversations. 

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