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AICP Exam Resources

The decision to sit for the AICP exam and become a certified planner is a big part of a career in planning.

The exam is challenging because the field is staggering in its breadth and planners are responsible for a

wide range of knowledge. That's what makes it a great field to be in, and one that we can continue to

grow in our entire careers. AICP Certification is the only nationwide, independent verification of

planners' qualifications. Earning the AICP Certification tells colleagues and employers that you have the

academic qualifications, relevant work experience, and mastery of essential skills required to serve your

community effectively.

There are a lot of resources to help with the AICP exam.

  1. Check out APA’s website

    1. The “One Path to AICP” program is a great option for many planners newer in their career

    2. Be aware of the AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship and consider applying.

  2. The Illinois Chapter provides a list of study resources and an opportunity to form study groups!

    1. Log onto the Chapters online Forum

    2. Make a free account (takes two minutes)

    3. Check out the AICP Exam Board

      1. There’s a list of study resources that we’ll update as new information arises

      2. We’ll create a new board for each AICP Exam window. You can introduce yourself, meet other test-takers, and organize study groups

Good luck and reach out to the Chapter’s Professional Development Officer (PDO) if you have questions at


Are you looking for more information on AICP Certification? Go to APA's One Path to AICP website for details!


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