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A Taste of Success: Region 1 Lunch Event on 5/24/24

APA-IL Illinois State Section's Region 1 planners gathered for a networking lunch on Friday, May 24, 2024, and it a hit! Lunch are the secret sauce for this region, drawing in 10 attendees who savored not just the food but also the conversations.

One snapshot captured a moment when attendees brainstormed future discussion topics. Yes, folks, this planner lunch was complete with post-its and community input - because why not stir up ideas while stirring your coffee?

And let's not forget the transparency about the bill - this feast was footed by member dues.

Thanks to APA-ISS Region 1 Coordinator, Ashley Sarver, AICP for organizing a well-fed and well-informed gathering - a value-added treat for Rockford area members!


Photo by Ashley Sarver, AICP


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