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9/7 FHWA Webinar: Reducing Pedestrian Fatalities & Serious Injuries through Planning & Application

Over 50 percent more pedestrians were killed on U.S. roadways in 2021 than in 2010. As of 2019, 64 percent of all pedestrian traffic fatalities occurred on arterial roads. To help address the challenge of pedestrian safety on arterials, and reverse this upward trend, the FHWA is conducting a Global Benchmarking study on Reducing Pedestrian Fatalities and Serious Injuries through Planning and Application of Safety Strategies on Arterial Networks that will visit Australia, and New Zealand over a 1-week period in September 2022. The purpose of the study is to identify proven practices, policies, and innovations used in these countries that could be successfully applied in the U.S. to make existing and planned urban signalized arterials safer for pedestrians.

As part of the study effort, the FHWA and the USDOT Volpe Center conducted a desk review in 2020 to examine noteworthy approaches and innovations used by international peer countries to achieve reductions in pedestrian fatalities (particularly when applied to arterial roadway systems). This webinar will focus on the desk review findings, exploring each peer country’s approach to pedestrian safety across five categories to include design, policy, planning, technology, and data. In addition to sharing findings from the desk review, the webinar will also provide an opportunity for U.S. practitioners to provide input on areas for the study team to focus on and inquire about in preparation for the upcoming study visits.

Registration is required for this event. Please register at: Webinar Registration - Zoom (

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