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9/1 - Health & Equity in the Chicago Region (CM | 1.5)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

photo of a stethoscope and laptop with APA-IL and ILASLA logos

Join APA-CMS and ILASLA in a joint (virtual) event to discuss the ties between where you live and your health, and learn how public health professionals, planners, and landscape architects can work together to improve community health. Speakers will include representatives from the Illinois Public Health Institute, Kane County Department of Transportation, Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI), Edward-Elmhurst Health, and international design studio DesignWorkshop.


COST: Free

PLACE: Wherever you feel like (socially distanced of course). Web meeting link will be posted 1 week prior


  • Illinois Public Health Institute's Alliance for Health Equity team will present data from the Chicago metro area to ground the conversation regarding the connections between health, planning, and urban design.

  • Learn about the community health worker (CHW) programs that serve a central role in the Sinai Urban Health Institute’s (SUHI) strategy to improve health inequities and urban health on Chicago’s West Side. Stacy Ignoffo, Director of Community Health Innovations, will present on what SUHI has learned over 20 years working with CHWs.

  • Jackie Forbes, Chief of Planning and Programming for Kane County DOT, co-led the development of Kane County’s Health Impact Assessment and will discuss and county level policies and practices that promote health equity.

  • Jan Roehll, DuPage County Program Director at The Conservation Foundation will discuss the Healthy Driven Take a Hike! Challenge starting this Fall, an 8-week program that is partnering with local community sponsors to get families actively experiencing the outdoors through hiking.

  • Manisha Kaul, PLA is Principal and Chicago Studio Director of Design Workshop and will discuss the role planners and landscape architects play in enhancing the public realm that directly impacts physical and mental health. Manisha will present projects where innovation and cultural narratives are celebrated in unison and contribute to maintaining a sense of place by integrating the many different user interests and inspiring the community through beauty and art.


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