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8/27 - Reed 5 Years Later: Sign Code Changes You Still Need to Make (CM | 1.5 LAW)

International Sign Association is offering a webinar on August 27th, with 1.5 CM LAW credits. They will be discussing the Bright v. Thomas case which deals with on and off premise regulations. This 6th circuit case has further refined the concept of content-neutrality in sign ordinances, so even communities that took action after Reed need to be concerned.

To register, please go to:


Is your sign ordinance content-neutral as required by the U.S. Supreme Court? Estimates are that more than half the local jurisdictions in the United States have yet to be fully compliant with the 2015 Reed v. Town of Gilbert decision, and are vulnerable to legal challenges and financial penalties.

Learn how the federal courts have recently been interpreting Reed, including when it comes to regulating billboards and commercial speech. You’ll also learn various approaches when regulating murals, political signs and other challenges in trying to achieve content-neutral sign codes.

This webinar will be led by James Carpentier, AICP of International Sign Association, Roger Eastman, AICP of Lisa Wise Consulting, Inc., Todd G. Messenger, JD, MPA of Fairfield and Woods, P.C., Wendy Moeller, FAICP of Compass Point Planning and Mark White, Esq., AICP. Read the full biographies here

Those who register will receive a copy of the Sign Research Foundation’s updated Reed-compliant model sign code, A Framework for On-Premise Sign Regulation, a $29.99 value, and presenter Wendy Moeller’s Best Practices on Regulating Temporary Signs, a $29.99 value.

Individual registration: $20.00 Company registration: $30.00 (You will receive a shareable link which you can distribute to all members of your team)

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