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7/23/21 - The Lowdown Virtual Happy Hour

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Join fellow APA-IL members for "The Lowdown" Happy Hour brought to you by the APA-IL Membership Committee. We've dropped the "Lockdown" and kept the same great, laid back conversation. It's time to don your slippers and grab a sipper!

Friday, July 23, 2021 @ 5:30 PM

Grab a beverage and something to munch, sit down at your computer or call in, and join your fellow planners online for an hour of conversation and camaraderie.


Virtual Networking FAQ

What can I expect during a Happy Hour?

Someone from the APA-IL Membership Committee will be moderating the discussion. After a short introduction from each member, we welcome any questions or topics from the group, for the group. Virtual networking events are a great way to network and stay on top of the latest trends. Discussion topics can be emailed to ahead of time.

Who participates?

APA-IL's virtual networking has included members that are students, faculty, municipal planners, plan commissioners, consultants, and those in the not-for-profit sector from Collinsville, IL to Kenosha, WI. APA-IL membership is required.

What do participants talk about?

Topics have ranged from outdoor eating spaces, capstone projects, news items, books, plan commission issues and more!.

Are there topics that should not be brought up during APA-IL virtual networking sessions?

We ask that participants avoid:

  • Making presentations

  • Making a sales pitches

  • Asking the group to review a resume or their LinkedIn pages

  • Marketing businesses, communities or firms

  • Using the group as an ad hoc focus group for a product

  • Any violation of Zoom Community Standards

The APA-IL moderators may mute, remove, or ask that a participant stop talking at any time if they feel that a participant is taking away from the conversation.

If I'm looking for a job or internship, can I talk about that during the session?

Yes! If you are a planner or allied professional in-transition the perfect time to let people know you're looking for new opportunities is during introductions. Say your name, what kind of position you're looking for, and feel free to place your email or LinkedIn Profile link in the chat. You never know what opportunities are out there! We just ask that you respect the other participants' questions and follow the step up or step back guidance.

We are all Zoom pros by now but here are a few reminders or tips for joining if you're new to virtual networking:

  • Please keep yourself muted unless you're speaking

  • You are welcome to have your camera on or off. We'd love to see your face but understand that it isn't always possible.

  • Since APA-IL's online networking is casual, you are welcome to have distractions like pets, children, etc. on screen - just remember that mute button!

  • Step up or step back.

  • Be a good listener.

  • No screenshots.

  • APA-IL will not share your contact information. If you would like to connect with another participant, please use the Zoom Chat to connect with them.

We hope the APA-IL can foster a sense of togetherness, camaraderie and understanding during networking sessions.


Please note, these happy hours are for members-only. To learn more about APA or APA-IL Chapter Only membership, please visit our membership webpage.

Participants must be signed-in into Zoom in order to participate. Use your personal password to sign-in, not the meeting password. This measure is in place to help deter zoombombing. Thanks!


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