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6/5/20 - COVID-19 Response: Cutback Budgeting for Local Governments

When local governments suddenly face recessions there are pressures to react swiftly. Oftentimes, the reactions are based on cutback budgeting habits instead of careful management of the current or expected budget deficit. This presentation will suggest three points to guide cutback budgeting based on research on how local governments managed previous recessions. The focus is on leadership and management of cutback budgeting decisions, framing cutback discussions, and thinking about immediate and long-term strategies.

Friday, June 5 at 12PM CST

Hosted by: Illinois Extension, Illinois Association of County Administrators, Illinois Association of County Board Members, Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University School of Public and Global Affairs   

Presented by: Michael C. Van Milligen, City Manager for the City of Dubuque, IA; Chris Goodman, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University; Kurt Thurmaier, Distinguished Engagement Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University

Illinois Association of County Boards will provide an update on legislative issues and federal funding.

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