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6/18 - Diversity, Equity, and Green Infrastructure

Through green infrastructure practices, communities use parks and gardens to manage stormwater, create habitat for insects and wildlife, and help mitigate greenhouse gasses. But green infrastructure can also be a tool for social justice. Research demonstrates that incorporating green spaces into cities can have a positive impact on a number of societal conditions, including crime, property values, and health. Increasing green space in economically challenged communities could also be one of the cures for societal inequality.

In this webinar, we will discuss the connection between green infrastructure and community diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Speakers will showcase how communities and organizations are incorporating equity into natural resource management and share the results of a recent survey about barriers and opportunities communities in the Midwest are encountering in making green stormwater infrastructure equitable. We will finish up with some tools and resources for local governments interested in building local equitable green infrastructure programs.

DATE: Thursday, June 18


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