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5/25 - An innovative solution to unlock potential & address poverty in your community

Well-intentioned programs may not achieve sustainable impact without proper understanding of local dynamics and community context in which programs are implemented. More often, there is an implicit assumption that evidence-based practices can be transferred or applied in different circumstances to resolve community issues, ignoring contextual realities. This is further complicated by the absence of intentional collaboration among services providers to maximize impact. With the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges facing communities are complex, requiring participatory and holistic approach to addresses root causes. This presentation will discuss poverty in Illinois and efficacy of various solutions. Using a case study of rural households participating in public assistant and Recovery Court programs, we will discuss participatory and community-lead research and provide integrated framework and strategies to address roots causes and increases resilience among vulnerable populations.

Presented by: Joseph Malual, PhD., Extension Specialist in Community and Economic Development

Tuesday, May 25 at Noon CT


Joseph Malual is an Extension specialist with University of Illinois Extension. He works with communities, organizations, and local governments to identify critical issues and delivers practical educational programs to help communities solve problems. Prior to joining Illinois Extension in 2020, Joseph worked at University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a Community and Economic Development Extension educator where he focused on community capacity building, including organizational development, participatory research, and minority entrepreneurship. Joseph holds a Ph.D. Development Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture from Iowa State University.

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