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4/22/20 - Managing Crisis Communications During the COVID-19 Pandemic (FREE)

While many jurisdictions have a crisis communications plan in place to deal with all manner of emergencies and disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is stretching these plans to the limit, forcing local governments to get creative with their engagement efforts. In this ICMA webinar, you'll join three experts as they share strategies and insights that will help make your own outreach and engagement efforts more effective during this challenging time. You will hear from:

  • Thomas Bakaly, former city manager and current CEO of the Los Angeles-area Beach Cities Health District, as he discusses his own organization's responses to the pandemic. Beginning well before many shelter-in-place orders were issued, the BCHD's responses include converting their website to a coronavirus resource page, recording over 30 hours of virtual educational content, and performing virtual check-ins with at-risk residents, among many other actions.

  • Thomas Bryer, Professor of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, and Sarah Stoeckel, a councilmember from Titusville, FL, who will identify social media and online engagement strategies and tools to use during public health situations, discuss utilizing community partnerships that leverage complementary social media channels for message distribution, and explore how lessons learned during this crisis can be applied in the future once normal operations have resumed.


DATE: 4-22-20

TIME: 12:00 PM (CDT)

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