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4/17 - Budgeting During a Crisis (FREE)

As each day passes, the likelihood of a severe recession increases due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, most current budget and finance officers have not had to contend with deep downturns over the last decade. This ICMA webinar will cover the first principles of cutback budgeting, lessons from real-world experience during the Great Recession, and exploration of how simulation software can be used to frame the fact-based trade-off discussions your public entity will need to have, both internally and externally, in the near future. Case studies from local governments of all sizes will be profiled to show how online public engagement can help provide essential feedback to governments making these difficult choices.

Speaker: Andrew Belknap is Senior Vice President for Management Partners. Andy has more than 20 years of diverse local government experience, including service as city manager and public works director for the City of Ojai, California. He is a seasoned and practical problem solver with first-hand knowledge of municipal functions. As a consultant he has served well over 200 California local governments, many on multiple occasions, including 18 of the largest 20 cities.

As a trained economist, Andy brings a special expertise to fiscal analysis and public finance issues. He has assisted public and private clients needing expertise in land use economics, development entitlement processing and complex project management and analysis. He is also an excellent facilitator and strategic thinker.

COST: Free!

DATE: 4-17-20

TIME: 1:30 PM (CDT)

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