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3/9 - Improving Transportation Access and Equity in the Chicago Region

Join the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), and the McHenry County Division of Transportation for a webinar on to discuss the importance of planning for a future with mobility equity. Learn more about recently updated RTA Human Services Transportation Plan -- which includes recommendations on how to use federal funding to improve the transportation experience for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and low income populations, as well as MPC’s “Toward Universal Mobility” report that sets a broad vision for transit accessibility in the Chicago region. Hear about what resources are already available to help residents in these groups move around the region, including the example of McHenry County's MCRide program, what steps need to be taken for a more coordinated and accessible future, and how to apply for funding to make it happen.

DATE: March 9, 2021


Speakers include:

Judy Shanley, Partner Director, National Center for Mobility Management, Assistant Vice President, Easter Seals

Audrey Wennink, Director of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Council

Heather Mullins, Manager of Local Planning and Program Management, Regional Transportation Authority

Ryan Peterson, Transportation Planner, McHenry County

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