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2024 APA-IL Legislative Priorities - Approved!

The APA-IL Legislative Committee is excited to share the Illinois Chapter's approved legislative priorities for 2024, endorsed by the APA-IL Board of Directors on December 8, 2023. These priorities reflect our commitment to advancing thoughtful and impactful legislation that will contribute to the continued growth and sustainability of Illinois communities.

APA-IL supports legislation that would modernize requirements for the contents and adoption of Comprehensive Plans

Short term: Amendments to 65 ILCS 5 (i.e. the Comp Plan statute)

Medium term: Increased state support for local comprehensive plan updates

Long term: Comprehensive plan mandate, including regular update cycle


APA-IL supports equitable and connected decision-making in the realms of land use planning and transportation

  • Funding support for transit operations

  • Stronger requirements that transportation funding be tied to min. land use standards

  • Prioritization of transportation safety over vehicle volume/speed

  • Mitigation and prevention of climate change


APA-IL supports fiscal stability and sustainability at the local level

  • Broad array of revenue mechanisms, especially for non-home rule units

  • Greater funding prioritization for maintenance over expansion

  • State funding for mandates carried out by local agencies


APA-IL will assess proposals to preempt local zoning authority on a case-by-case basis

  • General, but not universal, opposition to zoning preemption

  • Some value in constraining worst of local exclusionary tendencies

  • APA-IL role: educate legislators, local gov’ts, and members; identify impacts; suggest improvements


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