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12/12 - Economic Impact of the Energy Transition: Coal Plant and Mine Closures and the Rise of Renew

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

This webinar will address coal’s rapid decline, renewables’ rise, and the changing roles of gas, storage, consumers and utilities in the power sector during the energy transition. Seth Feaster, Energy Data Analyst with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, has been analyzing the U.S. coal and electric power industries for the past five years. He has worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The New York Times as a specialist in the visual presentation of economic, financial and energy data for the past 25 years. Seth will explain how Illinois communities can move towards renewables, set up ordinances, generate revenue and move towards energy independence. He will also cover main points from the newly released IEEFA report on the coal industry in the Illinois Basin.

Presenter: Seth Feaster, Energy Data Analyst

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)

Noon-1PM, Thursday, December 12, 2019

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