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On 4/29 APA-CMS Cut Through the Noise and Talked About Effective Communications

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

photo collage of the 4/29 Effective Communications program

Approximately 40 urban planners from throughout the region kicked off spring by convening in a prairie preserve in Glenview to talk about outreach.

On Monday, April 29th, Teska Associates partnered with APA-CMS to organize a panel discussion entitled: Cutting Through the Noise: Effective Communication Techniques for Planners.

The fabulous line-up of speakers featured:

  • Tina Fassett Smith, Communications Principal, CMAP

  • Darnell Shields, Executive Director, Austin Coming Together

  • Rudy Flores, Executive Director, Lincoln Square SSA and Chamber

  • Jeff Brady, AICP, Director of Community Development, Village of Glenview

Each panelist discussed their unique approach to communication. Though all came from a different perspective, a common theme centered around learning from the community and building relationships with the people in them.

The discussion included case studies and expertise ranging from the north and west sides of the City of Chicago, the northern suburbs and Class 1 railroads, and from settings big and small throughout the region via CMAP’s ON TO 2050 multi-faceted outreach programming. A major planning topic was successfully covered using a broad set of Chicagoland perspectives, including outreach from a variety of organizations such as municipalities, MPOs, SSAs, and community organizational leadership.

Thank you to Glenview Park District and the Village of Glenview for use of the Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie & Tyner Interpretive Center

(photos by Drew Awsumb, AICP)

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