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5/22 - Undesign The Redline Exhibit: Tour and Discussion (CM | 1)

Undesign the Red Line Interactive Exhibit header

Please join us for a group visit to the “Undesign the Redline” interactive exhibit, hosted by the APA-IL Diversity Committee. This exhibition displays the role of race in determining where Chicagoans lived in the 1930s – and the long-lasting impacts that continue to this day. It centers on the legacy of “redlining” in Chicago and how the practice helped manufacture the racial and wealth divides that define our region today. It concludes by asking attendees to explore solutions that can reverse discriminatory housing policies of the past.

Join us for a guided tour of the exhibit followed by a facilitated conversation to reflect on the legacies of redlining in Chicago and our collective role in undoing this past harm. For anyone interested in continuing the conversation, we’ll grab a drink afterwards to brainstorm ideas for Chicago’s future!


  • Date: May 22, 2019

  • Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm (tour), 6:30 - 7:30 pm (discussion)

  • Location: National Public Housing Museum, 625 N Kingsbury Street, Chicago, IL

  • Cost: Free

  • CM | 1 (after the event, log your credits at

For more information on the exhibit, visit:

Speaker: Juan Sebastian Arias, Manager, Metropolitan Planning Council

As a Manager at the Metropolitan Planning Council, Juan Sebastian’s work focuses on deepening the organization’s housing policy and community development efforts, including the ‘Cost of Segregation’ and ‘Our Equitable Future’ research and recommendations. Prior to joining MPC, Juan Sebastian worked with Enterprise Community Partners as a Program Officer for Chicago and Detroit. There, he was responsible for capacity building, sustainability, and racial equity initiatives in the community development sector. He also led grant-making efforts across both regions to support community development corporations and other nonprofits. He has over 9 years of experience in project management, research, and communications at nonprofits across both East and West coasts, including the Government Alliance on Race and Equity, the Center for Community Innovation at UC Berkeley, Living Cities, and again with Enterprise Community Partners.


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(header image: Undesign the Redline [Digital image]. Accessed 19 Apr. 2019.)

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