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4/22 & 4/29 Webinars: Creating Age-Friendly Streets

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

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Creating Age-Friendly Streets - Part I

Apr 22, 2019

It’s widely known that the US population is aging. But how do we prepare our local transportation networks to support the mobility needs of older adults and keep them safe? This webinar series will offer key principles for considering the safety and mobility needs forolder adults.

During the first part of the series, panelists from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention, AARP, and the University of North Carolina’s Department of Emergency Medicine will share their perspectives on the importance of planning and designing for older adults.

Following their presentations, panelists will respond to questions from the audience.

Creating Age-Friendly Streets - Part 2

April 29, 2019

The second part of the series will offer strategies for improving transportation networks to prioritize the safety and mobility of older adults. Panelists from AARP will share recommendations for planning and developing transit networks and prioritizing transit-oriented development. Representatives from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will share examples of design and engineering strategies for improving safety and comfort for older pedestrians.

  • Bill Armbruster, AARP

  • Laurie Beck, CDC

  • Tim Platts-Mills, UNC Department of Emergency Medicine

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