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Legislative Alert! Contact your state legislators to OPPOSE HB2157

HB 2157 was introduced in February and referred to the Cities & Villages Committee on February 19th. Two amendments have been proposed that do not materially alter the bill’s terms. The bill is still under consideration by the Cities & Villages Committee. It is on the Committee's March 12th hearing agenda.


Show your OPPOSITION to Illinois House Bill 2157 Muni-Annex Contiguous Land


There are 2 ways you can advocate:

#1: Attend the 2019 Planners Legislative Action Day 3/19

#2: Fill out a Witness Slip by 3/12

Please complete your Witness Slip before the Cities & Villages Committee Hearing on March 12 at 4:00 pm.


Sponsor: Rep. Thaddeus Jones (D – 29th Dist., Cook and Will Counties)

Analysis: This bill comes on the heels of an annexation lawsuit, Chicago Title Land Trust v. County of Will, 2018 IL App (3d) 160713, involving the Village of Bolingbrook. The Bolingbrook case featured unusual facts that prompted the court to invalidate a voluntary annexation that facilitated a subsequent involuntary annexation. At first blush, this bill appears to respond to the Bolingbrook case, albeit in a way that may create serious unintended consequences. Why you should OPPOSE this bill: As drafted, the bill creates a host of problems.

  • First, annexation commonly benefits more than just a property’s owners and residents. Annexation also benefits the annexing municipality, which receives increased regulatory control and tax revenue; parties that wish to develop the property, but may not yet own it; prospective residents that do not have an ownership interest in the property; and neighboring property owners that, as a result of the annexation, may be able to receive city services by annexing their properties. The bill would apparently invalidate annexations that benefit any of these parties.

  • Second, its unclear how an annexation applicant could confirm that its application would not help a municipality involuntarily annex property in the future. Annexation applicants generally aren’t aware of a community’s annexation plans (if any such plans exist). A law requiring an annexation applicant to attest to a municipality’s unknown future plans seems designed only to chill otherwise valid efforts to annex and develop property.

Recommendation: Contract your state legislators to Oppose HB 2157 as introduced. File a Witness Slip and attend the 2019 Planners Legislative Action Day 3/19 to OPPOSE HB2157 Please note: ​Online witness slips can be submitted up to the conclusion of the committee hearing (hearing begins at 4:00 pm on March 12, 2019).


Join us to voice your opposition to HB2157 in person. 2019 Planners Legislative Action Day #PLAD19 March 19, 2019 Springfield, IL Let your voice be heard!!

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