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Local Efficiency Assessment Program (LEAP)

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

In the next decade, most rural counties in Illinois will continue to experience a decrease in population, an increase in the proportion of elderly who will require more services, higher per capita property taxes, and further demographic changes. Meanwhile, existing delivery systems and government structures need to find a way to adapt to these shifts by reducing the costs of public services and property taxes, and utilizing new technology. With rural governments in mind, Norman Walzer and Andy Blanke have distributed an electronic report titled Guidebook to Modernizing Local Service Delivery Systems, where they discuss the Local Efficiency Assessment Program (LEAP) and online dashboard.

This webinar will consist of a presentation of the process and tools, and serve as a larger discussion on how local governments can prepare financially, logistically, and realistically for the next five to ten years.

Local Efficiency Assessment Program (LEAP)

Presented by: Norm Walzer and Andy Blanke, NIU Center for Governmental Studies

Noon-1PM, Thursday, February 7, 2019

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