Climate Resilience and Legal Adaptation Podcast

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association included a panel on Climate Resilience and Legal Adaptation. Host Laurence Colletti talks to Tina Campbell Hebert, Brian Daly, David Silverman, Hari Osofsky, and Dan Rees about climate change and the law. They discuss how courts are playing an important role in framing adaptation and mitigation policy, how communities are adapting to changes in their environment, and whether laws are keeping up with the changes.

  • Tina Campbell Hebert assists clients with corporate, business, and commercial real estate matters.

  • Brian Daly is an associate planner at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

  • David Silverman is co-chair of Ancel Glink’s Zoning and Land Use Group and co-editor of the group’s e-newsletter, In the Zone.

  • Hari M. Osofsky is dean of Penn State Law and the Penn State School of International Affairs and Distinguished Professor of Law, professor of international affairs, and professor of geography.

  • Dan Rees has served as legal counsel for the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit for more than nine years, since hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck in 2005.

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